We’re proud to offer you a massive range of services which ensure the most efficient harvesting of grain, forage crops and pasture.

Grass Silage, Hay & Wrapping

Round baling, loader wagons, a forage harvester, stack tractor, pit covers and more.

Our modern range of machinery means we can meet your requirements, efficiently and affordably

We’ll harvest your grass silage for spring pasture management, pasture quality maintenance or supplementary feed.

Ploughing & Cultivation

Our impressive range of cultivation equipment, including two 5 furrow reversible ploughs, rippers, a 5 metre power harrow and disc cultivator, allow us to effectively service a massive range of soil types.

We offer turnip and maize harvesting with our Greenstar GPS equipped machinery.

Woodchip/calf bedding

We have woodchip available for your herd homes and calf sheds.

Road Transport

We deliver stockfeed Taranaki Wide.  

Pasture & Crop Spraying

All our sprayers are computer controlled, providing excellent distribution across a huge variety of application rates and products.

Ask us about our tractor-mounted sprayer and four wheel drives - available to you for highly accurate boom spraying of crops and pasture.

Fertiliser Spreading

Our muck spreader is guaranteed to increase your fertilising accuracy and capacity, maximising your production of pasture, crops and trees.

We can also supply you with fertiliser, professional soil testing and advice on your maize.

Drilling Pasture

Our state of the art seed drills enable us to service all agricultural crops in a massive range of environments, providing supreme seed placement and depth control – vital for planting or drilling.

We also provide a fertiliser to be drilled in with the seed if you choose.

Harvesting Grain, Silage & Cereals

Our advanced equipment guarantees proficient harvesting of your grain, cereals and silage, producing top quality and valuable livestock feed.

We have the latest in stack tractors available for all your harvesting and silage storage requirements. Our tractors are equipped with buck rakes or front blades, which compact the silage for a speedy fermentation process.


In order to achieve a flourishing maize crop, it is vital that when maize reaches an approximate height of 200mm, large amounts of nitrogen must be added to the soil. At this time, the maize can best metabolise the fertiliser.

Our modern side-dressers provide accurate distribution of fertiliser, timely and efficiently.

Ask about our range of fertilisers available.


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