About M R Andrews

Biggest is not always best ..

“If you get too big, you risk losing quality control.” says M R Andrews Ltd Managing Director, Scott Andrews.

And in this ever-changing competitive industry where options are aplenty, it’s quality that this tightknit team of 10 agricultural experts are proud to provide.

Since opening in 2008, this bustling family business has continued to thrive, offering a multitude of services, using only the latest equipment – nothing older than five years!

“We have new machinery – better technology so the end product is far superior to that of older equipment. We also have new bales. We can now bale silage an extra 100 kilograms heavier each bale, making them far more cost effective,” says Scott.

Plus, the team have a very strict system of maintenance on their machinery, which, Scott says, is vital.

“Farming is so demanding and the windows are short with harvesting. These days, more and more farmers are relying on us to do the job. It’s more economical for them to hire us than worry about owning and maintaining the machinery.”

The company also lease a lot of land. “We realised this was a great opportunity - farmers are better off. They get a lot of their land maintained and we also grass a lot of it,” says Scott.

While every one of the team is highly experienced, Scott says the company’s point of difference is their dedication and passion for the agricultural industry.

“I’ve been doing this since I was 12. In this line of work, you put in the long hours – your life revolves around it."

“It’s not about the money side of it for us. We love what we do.”

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