Spring is finally here

So here’s our advice on how to prepare…        

Silage - consider your cereals

Forage oats provide fabulous feed for a single grazing during winter but consider planting them this season and you’ll produce ideal green-chop silage!

For whole-crop silage, plant your barley now!  If you’re planning to grow Lucerne in future – even better!  Get that barley in the soil – it’ll improve conditions for when you’re establishing Lucerne.

Remember, grass growth is now full steam ahead!  We’re happy to produce your pit silage and balege.

For advice or to discuss your stock feed options, contact us today.


Cows – it’s all hands to the pump.

Between October to December milk production hits a high and your cows will be producing well.  Don’t forget, it’s also mating season, so there’s plenty of work ahead.

Calves are still being fed and the older ones are beginning to be weaned and drenched.  Remember, it’s vital your cows remain healthy so they cycle well.  It’s an ideal time to plan your late summer feed now, so contact us to organise your turnips, hay and maize.

Pasture – weeds be gone!

When spring arrives, suddenly you’re inundated – it seems everything needs your attention!  While it’s easy to put those comparatively lower priority tasks on the backburner, it’s vital you get those perennial pasture weeds sprayed - sooner rather than later!

When pasture is sprayed after early spring, the chemicals are much less effective in killing the weed roots.  

Proper management is critical for maintaining healthy, productive pastures.  If your pasture is cared for properly, your grass will grow well, preventing weeds from establishing.  If your livestock is allowed to graze pastures too short and grasses don’t get the time to regrow, the weeds will take over.

For help with your pasture management and spraying, give us a call.


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